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Trusted Sleep Help for Babies from 4 to 18 Months

 Because the infant age is tiring enough!

It’s time to stop living in survival mode. 

There’s no doubt that baby’s first year is a precious time. But it’s also filled with a whole lot of “I don’t know what I’m doing!” moments. It feels like most days have more questions than answers – and that especially goes for your little one’s sleep. 

Getting help for your baby’s sleep means a happy baby that knows how to put themselves to sleep wherever they are! It also means feeling like less of a slave to all the ways you’ve tried putting them to down before. It’s about independence for baby, and freedom for mama.

Sleeping Baby
Happy Clients

Her methods worked wonders!

“An absolutely amazing experience with Jane! She was very reassuring not only about sleep but about being the best mom for my kiddos! Her methods worked wonders and my little guy sleeps through the night! This has given me my confidence back! I can’t talk enough about how helpful Jane was!! I highly recommend” 

- Krystal F.

Expert sleep help is right for you if...

You’re Tired Of:
Being exhausted Every. Single. Day. and not knowing how to make things better.
You’re Ready To:
Jump in and see what a difference a few weeks with me will make!
You Know:
You don’t have to “suffer through it” and hope they grow out of it.

Which Level of Support Speaks to You?


The New Addition

(4-18 Months)


  • Intake Questionnaire

  • Customized sleep plan

  • Consultation

  • 6 phone calls support for our 3 weeks together

Leaves You With:

Confidence in knowing how to help your baby sleep independently, and what to do to support them when something comes up.

Price varies between coaches! Above is the cost to work with Jane!

Boy with Teddy Bear

The Unlimited


  • Intake Questionnaire

  • Custom sleep plan

  • Consultation call

  • 6 phone calls support 

  • Unlimited text support for our 3 weeks together

Leaves You With:

High level, 1:1 support to tackle all the sleep hurdles that are keeping your babe from solid sleep.

Price varies between coaches! Above is the cost to work with Jane!


The House Call


  • Intake questionnaire

  • Customized sleep plan

  • In-home consultation

  • In-home support for 1 night (I’ll stay until midnight!)

  • 6 phone calls support

  • Unlimited text support for our 3 weeks together

Leaves You With:

My eyes and expertise on every aspect of your specific sleep situation, and live troubleshooting if something comes up.

*Local to Calgary and area


Price varies between coaches! Above is the cost to work with Jane!

Have you already worked with a Counting Sheep Coach, and need some direction?
Book a VIP call and get tangible solutions to get everyone back on track.
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Imagine Your Life If ...

✓  You no longer dreaded getting up in the morning

✓  You had dependable time to do things for YOU!

✓  You could show up well for everyone in your life again

✓  You could confidently leave your little one with a sitter


… With my expert sleep coaching, we can get you there!

Mother Holding Baby Finger


Do you use Cry it Out (CIO) methods?

Nope! There are many other effective sleep training methods that aren’t so intense. My goal within sleep training is to build trust between you and your babe, and I personally don’t believe CIO accomplishes that.

Am I capable of this as a parent?

Absolutely! Without a doubt, you can support your baby to have the healthy sleep habits you’re all looking for. The transformations in the parents are almost as big as the transformation in the babies.

Will There Be Tears?

That being said, you can expect that your sweet babe will shed a few tears during this process. Your baby’s only way of protesting is through crying, so any sleep change will be an adjustment.

We will be with you every step of the way!
It's time to feel like you again.

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