Newborn Sleep Guide

0-12 weeks

When babies are born, they tend to sleep all day and party all night! They rely on us to lead them towards a proper sleep schedule. This guide will give you the knowledge on how to help your baby with this day/night confusion. You will learn how to help your baby obtain a better quality sleep, and a more consistent daily nap schedule, for months to come! You'll also be given tips and tricks how to settle your newborn. And all of this will give YOU a better sleep too!

Price $50 (Guide Only)

$80 (Guide + 1 week of email support)



3-36 months

Have you been waiting for your childs sleep to improve and it just isn’t happening? Or have you tried everything and nothing seems to be working? This package focuses on infants that have developed poor sleep habits, or need some help learning how to sleep independently. They will learn this skill and drastically improve their daytime and nighttime sleep!

Price $325


3-6 years

Is your child fighting going to bed or going down a nap? Are you looking to transition from a crib to a big kid bed? Let me work with you to determine where this resistance is stemming from and figure out a solution! We will build a custom sleep plan together that suits your child and your family. By the end of our time together, we will get your child to go down easier and sleep through the night in their own bed. 

Price $425 



How it Works

I will ask you to fill out an extensive questionnaire, which will provide me with all the information I need to create a custom sleep plan for your child. I will answer your questions and ensure you have the confidence in the plan, and in yourself, to move forward.


I will be available to you for one-on-one support for 3 full weeks. 

Mon-Fri (9am-9pm) and Sat 9am-5pm.

As your baby starts sleeping better, we will make adjustments to your approach. By the end of our 3 weeks together, you will see great improvements in your child's night sleep duration, daily schedule and overall sleep quality.


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