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Are you ready to get your evenings back? Want to sleep through the night again? How about a schedule that you can rely on? We are here to help make that a reality!

Shoot me a message and we can chat about how I can help you.

Looking to book a SlumberPod for an upcoming trip?

It is the perfect solution to your blackout needs, and for just $15/day! Please include your dates of travel in your message and I will get back to you with availability.

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Words from a happy mama!

Our experience with Jane was nothing short of AMAZING!! We reached out to Jane from a really tough place. We had been having a VERY difficult 3 or so months. Our 6 month old was waking up every hour or two at night and would only nurse to sleep and then wake up again an hour later! He would only nap in my arms and it was extremely tough on everyone. With Jane's support our baby is finally sleeping!! 3 naps a day and only waking up once at night (sometimes sleeping through it too!). Jane is super knowledgeable and we always felt really supported. She was there for us through the whole process. The experience was transformational and I highly recommend. Our baby seems so much happier now too :) Thanks again Counting Sheep!!

-Miriam B.

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