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This Downloadable PDF Guide will give you:

-An understanding of how to implement a simple sleep routine 

-Confidence to create an age appropriate schedule

-Multiple tips on how to calm and comfort your newborn

-The knowledge of how to set up the sleep space

-An in-depth look into night feedings, and how to know if your baby is ready to drop them

-Expert insights on how to approach the pacifier, swaddling, safe sleep, wake windows and more!

-The ability to create a foundation of healthy sleep habits that can carry you forward as your baby grows


Upon purchase, you will instantly receive your Bringing Home Baby guide to your inbox! You will also be given the option to book a call with our Newborn Sleep Specialist, Sterling Galliott, so you can get all of your sleep questions answered!


What are you waiting for?! Let's make sleep happen!


Bringing Home Baby

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