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Even Coaches Make Mistakes!

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Well, it happened. I think I created a new sleep prop for toddlers.

It all comes down to the fact that I have a few sleep props myself....

🐑 I HAVE to have noise to fall asleep. Preferably a movie/show that I have already seen several times. I want to be able to know what's happening without having to look up, ya know? I will also accept a podcast, or white noise.

🐑 I must have a sleep mask to sleep. Do I pull it off most nights? Yes. Do I lose them constantly because of this? Also yes. If I don't pull it off in my sleep, do I wake up with an imprint on my face? Sure do!

I stand by my love of the sleep mask.

It appears that my children have noticed MY sleep props, and decided that they must do the same. The noise has always been a thing for them. White noise is amazing for sleep at all ages, especially for really little ones. It mimics the womb, providing a feeling of comfort, and helps them stay asleep for longer stretches. I don't consider white noise a sleep prop, and there is no limit on when you should stop using it. I'm going to be honest with you though, they don't listen to white noise anymore...

It happened on a night when I was away. My partner decided to put on Peppa Pig stories, instead of white noise, because he grew up listening to stories and had fond memories of that. They couldn't let it go after that lol. It became a conversation of every bedtime! We battled for a while and eventually we allowed them to have 15 minutes of Peppa Pig stories at bedtime.

And no, they won't listen to ANYTHING else! Peppa Pig or BUST! lol

The girls also received sleep masks as a gift, a few months ago. Georgia was immediately obsessed, just like their Mama. Charlie is 3 years old, and she decided a few days ago that she also needs a sleep mask now to sleep. It's adorable and I don't hate it! However, she struggles a touch when it comes to putting it on... finding it when it falls off (wait...🤔)... carrying it around and forgetting where it is. Kind of like a 4 month old with a pacifier. They can't put it in, but they get real mad when it falls out lol! So that's a bit of a thing now, but usually only requires one check-in to locate and/or put on the mask so she can go to sleep.

I personally don't see this as an issue, because I am comfortable with what it means for me. My kids are amazing sleepers, and I know that I have the skills to remove these things if I really wanted to, but I don't really want to! It has very little impact on me, and doesn't hinder them in any way. So I pick my battles! Toddlers are tough, so picking my battles is necessary for me to maintain my sanity... I'm sure I'm not alone on this one?! 😂

A sleep prop can come in many forms! If you'd like to learn more about what a sleep prop is, and how to get rid of them, check out this blog! And if you still need more support, that's what Counting Sheep is here for! Book a FREE call and we would be thrilled to help you ♥️

In the meantime, don't judge me, or anyone else for that matter(!), for any sleep props being used. We all do things we know we shouldn't from time to time, and that's okay! Parenting is hard and sometimes we have more energy to stay strong, while other times we live in survival mode. Know that it's normal, and all that matters is what is best for YOU and YOUR BABY! Trust that gut of yours Mama, and know that we can always change things if you feel ready for it ♥️

Much love,

Jane Anderson

Counting Sheep Founder

Certified Sleep Coach

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