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Baby Registry List

Congratulations!!! If this is your first baby, you may be wondering what you need. There are million and 1 baby items out there, and most of them claim to be something you cannot live without! As someone who purchased many of those items, I am here to help you understand what things you truly need, and what you can do without.

There are many places you can create a registry with. Toys’R’Us, Amazon, The Bay, Buy Buy Baby… the list goes on. Personally, I chose to create my baby registry with Amazon, because you get 10% (non-prime members) or 15% (prime members) off of all the items that were not purchased for you, after your baby shower.

Here is my list, please use it to guide you as you create your registry! I have also linked some of my favourite items on my Amazon list, here!

Things you need!

Swaddles/sleep sacks

Breast Pump (you can rent them, or purchase one. The Hakka is very popular!)


Bottle drying rack and a cleaning brush only for bottles


Vitamin D drops

Baby nail clippers

Pacifiers and clips

Onesies- add a few sizes

Pajamas (they don’t really need fancy clothes; they will likely live in their pajamas!)

Shoes that easily slip on

Car seat

Car seat cover


Baby carrier



Diaper Bag (link the one you love!)

White noise machine (I’d get a portable one AND one that stays at home)

Bassinet or play pen

Crib will eventually be needed, but your baby will sleep in your room for the first several months so you don’t need this immediately

Nose Sucker and Saline (I recommend HydraSense)

Mirror for your car


Diaper cream

Diaper genie (or other brand!)

Baby lotion, and wash

Bottle warmer

Baby bath tub or mat


Nipple Cream

Skip the dishes gift card

Mani Pedi gift card

Things you can do without

Wipe warmer

Baby mattresses (Dock-a-tot, ect)

Merlin Sleep Suit


There are a lot of items on this list that you may decide you want to pick out yourself! If that’s the case, either don’t add them to your list, or be sure to put the exact brand/item you want. Remember that people want to help, but they also like to shop and pick out things on their own. I spent a lot of time creating my registry, and only a few items were purchased. Most people will probably buy you baby clothes, because let's be honest, they are the most fun to shop for!

While I have your attention, another list that will prove useful for you is my Hospital Bag Checklist!! Be sure to give it a read before you get too close to your due date!

What items did I forget?! What was the best item you received at your baby shower?

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