What people are saying

Noah, 7 Months

...Our son has now been sleeping in his own crib, in how own room and is sleeping through the night. Huge success! He's also on a great daytime schedule and naps regularly at the same time... Her program was detailed, specific to us and very educational. She gave us tons of advice that helped us tremendously! Highly recommend Counting Sheep!!


Lily, 9 Months

After talking to Jane and following the plan she set out for us, her sleep is not only back to normal, but better (which I didn't think was possible)!She seems more well rested, which in turn means well rested parents! If anyone is looking to sleep train, or even hits a bumpy patch and needs to get back on track, call Jane at Counting Sheep!


William, 5 Months

Jane is incredibly personable, encouraging and more than happy to assist along the way in any way she can!

...my son was sleeping 10-12 hours through the night within a few days. If you are feeling hesitant, trust me, you'll be happy with the results Jane is able to deliver!"


Sky, 11 Months

Without her help and support, I would probably still be searching. My baby is finally sleeping through the night and I have some free time and SLEEP! 

Thank you Jane!


Emily, 7 Months

Jane is the only sleep consultant that I have spoken with who was supportive of our desire to keep using the pacifier. This was a big reason why we chose to hire her to help get our 3-month-old daughter sleeping better. 


Davis, 15 Months

Jane is amazing! Wish I would have started sleep training sooner. I can confidently say my little guy is putting himself to sleep  and sleeping 10-12 hours a night without waking up!!! I'll be recommending Jane to everyone I know with babies as every mama deserves a full nights sleep.